Thursday, April 8, 2010

UCLA Class Visit

Today I sat in a Business Strategy class at UCLA Anderson.

I got to see the case study method I've heard so much about.
The case the students read the night before was about oil rigs and they had to graph them for homework.

The class was very diverse. There were students of different ages and from different countries. The professor led the exam by calling on random people from a list. Everyone had a name tag on their desk. The class debated how the graph should curve. After the case study there was a short lecture.

The student assigned to meet me was a news producer in Boston. I thought we would have a lot to talk about but he had to go turn in a paper so another student showed me around the school instead.

Anderson is really nice and it's my number one choice. I think I will sign up to sit in another class in the fall in a topic I am more interested in.