Monday, September 20, 2010

Touch Base

Hello loyal readers! I just wanted to check in because its been a long time since I've last blogged.

-I still have to finishing writing up my visit to UCI.
-I attended the Forte Foundation 2010 Forte Forum: The MBA Value Proposition last Wednesday.
-I attended an MBA Admissions workshop this past Saturday that was presented by Veritas Prep
-This Saturday is The MBA Tour in Downtown Los Angeles. I'm excited to sit in on the individual school presentations that I read about in this pre-mba blog.
-I just got back from a paper and pencil practice test in my prep class. I brought my scratch pad with me. I got a 420 V16 Quant 21 I've never scored that low on a CAT and I've never got a higher Quant raw score than verbal before. These results mean nothing to me.
-I read on an MBA blog somewhere that a student drank zipfizz instead of coffee or tea while at bschool. I tried it today and I'm still awake without the anxiousness and nausea I usually get while drinking caffeine. I may experiment with drinking this powder when taking CATs instead of chugging a tea or red bull in between sections. It's expensive though. I bought a 3 pack at the store and it was $5.99.

Now I must force myself to go to sleep. I have to be at work at 4:30am tomorrow, which is in less than six hours. I'm going to be most displeased then.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


My verbal score has skyrocketed!!
My overall score is still crap but it went up:

Quantitative 31 31 %
Verbal 32 67 %
Total 530 46 %

I was getting consistently in the 20th something percentile in quant and 40th something percentile in verbal.

I finished the quant section with 20 minutes left, shortest time ever, and a little over 5 minutes left for verbal; also the shortest time ever.

I still have a lot of work to do, which sucks because its already September, but I still have to keep going.

I started a post about my visit to Paul Merage at UC Irvine. I shall finish it tomorrow. Now it is bedtime.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

still coughing

I didn't take my cough medicine in the afternoon so I was the annoying coughing kid during my GMAT prep class. I feel a little better about the quant prep of the course. The math instructor seems to be on top of it with tricks and techniques. We shall see how it goes.

You all know how I love freebies, right? is hosting a bunch of webinars that break down the top b-schools' essay questions. A lot of schools have similar essay questions (why mba? why now? long term and short term goals), so even though I may not apply to Columbia or Haas I can still get something out of the presentations.

Last week I attended Kaneisha's August master class for Despite the odds applying to b-school. She went over things like when to ask your potential LOR writers if they would be willing to write your LOR, how to prepare them for it, tips on sitting down and starting your essays and choosing the school that fits you the best.I really enjoyed it. Kaneisha's webinars are like sitting down and talking to someone over lunch. The way she speaks is just so welcoming and friendly; but informative! I think the biggest thing I took away from the webinar is that I should prepare packets for my recomenders with bullet points of my accomplishments at work, descriptions of each school I am applying to, and the essays questions and my responses. It should take a lot of the pressure off of my recommenders.

::cough cough::

Hi everyone!

I've been so busy I haven't posted anything with much substance in a while.
First off I was sick for a while. I had another sinus infection which made it hard to do anything. I missed work, I slept, and then I went to the doctor! Exciting stuff I know!

Also school started again. I am taking a geometry class at SMC. So many people tried to add the class on the first day. There were 45 people registered in the class and another 33 people tried to add! The teacher said he wanted no more than 50 people in the class. Then he said he wasn't sure if he really wanted to add anyone at all. It depended on how he felt later. Sounds like if you aren't already in the class, you're out of luck.
Right now we are working on logic which kind of reminds me of CR GMAT questions.

During my lunch break at work I have been going through PowerScore's Critical Reasoning Bible and then after work I go through a MGMAT SC Chapter and do the associated problems in the OG Verbal Book.

I haven't touched my prep course materials in a week partly due to being sick, but mostly because there are no explanations for the question sets. If I get something wrong and I can't figure out why, I will never know because there are no explanations for the answers. I am going to save those questions for when I have a better grasp on the material.

Tomorrow I am going down to Orange County to attend an information session at the Paul Merage school at UC Irvine. My cousin lives near there so I am hoping to meet up with her while I am in the area. I'm planning on heading down there early to avoid traffic and to study in one of their libraries.

I also need to schedule another practice test to see if I have improved at all.