Wednesday, September 1, 2010

still coughing

I didn't take my cough medicine in the afternoon so I was the annoying coughing kid during my GMAT prep class. I feel a little better about the quant prep of the course. The math instructor seems to be on top of it with tricks and techniques. We shall see how it goes.

You all know how I love freebies, right? is hosting a bunch of webinars that break down the top b-schools' essay questions. A lot of schools have similar essay questions (why mba? why now? long term and short term goals), so even though I may not apply to Columbia or Haas I can still get something out of the presentations.

Last week I attended Kaneisha's August master class for Despite the odds applying to b-school. She went over things like when to ask your potential LOR writers if they would be willing to write your LOR, how to prepare them for it, tips on sitting down and starting your essays and choosing the school that fits you the best.I really enjoyed it. Kaneisha's webinars are like sitting down and talking to someone over lunch. The way she speaks is just so welcoming and friendly; but informative! I think the biggest thing I took away from the webinar is that I should prepare packets for my recomenders with bullet points of my accomplishments at work, descriptions of each school I am applying to, and the essays questions and my responses. It should take a lot of the pressure off of my recommenders.


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  2. If you're not happy with your prep class after it's done, you could always hire me. I'm a GMAT tutor in Los Angeles. Feel free to get in touch.

  3. Thanks GMAT Tutor. I'll consider that option.

  4. Hi Lisa, have the intensive grammar review classes started? What's the fee for the course?

  5. The intensive grammar review class started last week. It's an online course so it hasn't been too intensive yet; just a lot of videos and diagnostic tests. It's through Los Angeles Southwest college so it's cheap; $26/unit and it's a 3 unit class. Since I live in California and I am low income they waive the tuition fee. You have to fill out a FAFSA form to qualify to the fee waiver.

    I recently registered for Veritas Prep's Live Online Course that starts next week. I've read on the forums that they are the best in their verbal prep.