Sunday, February 9, 2014


So much time has passed since my last entry. I wound up not even applying to an MBA program. I decided that a Master of Science in Accountancy was better for me. I graduated in December 2013 and I started working for a very large accounting firm in January 2014. Now I am studying for the CPA exam! Studying for the CPA is much different than studying for the GMAT, but the material is more interesting to me. I have one part passed and I hope to get the other three parts done before October.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's been going on?

Greetings from chilly New York!
I haven't updated in a while because there is nothing to report.
I lost my motivation after I took the GMAT in October and stopped studying.

I recently sat down last week with my friend who professionally tutors SAT students. She went through a couple chapters of my number properties book with me.
She said I am a whole picture kind of person and that is why I am missing questions: I am not paying attention to the details!

Anyway, I started studying again. There is no time to meet Round 2 deadlines. I may still apply to schools that have very late deadlines in the spring. If I don't make these deadlines I am also playing around with back up plans in my head.

I hope everyone is doing well this holiday season. I flew back to New York on Friday for my brother's wedding and I am staying here for Christmas.

It's been really fun reading everyone's notifications from Round 1 schools. I hope that one day I will be able to write about my acceptances/dings/waitlists.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kaneisha's at it again: Free Webinar!

Kaneisha from The Art of Applying is hosting another free webinar. This one is about editing your essays down to the word count limit.

You can register here:

She is going to edit a real essay that she's never seen before LIVE and get it down to the word limit.

I always enjoy Kaneisha's webinars. She's really upbeat and LOVES answering questions.

The webinar is this Wednesday November 17 at 9:00AM Pacific time (my time!).

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just for Kicks - GRE

I just took a practice GRE CAT from Manhattan GRE (yes Manhattan GMAT now does GRE prep!). It has been six years since I last took the exam and after all this GMAT frustration I just wanted to see how the tests compare to each other.

The GRE math section is way easier!!! Obviously it does not have data sufficiency, instead it has a data comparison section where you are given a question and then two separate values in two columns. You must determine if Column A or B is greater, equal, or you cannot determine with the amount of information given. I did best in this section; I got a 550! I think that score may be higher than when I took the real thing. There is also a section where you have to interpret graph information. I didn't remember that section so it was a surprise when it popped up.

The verbal section is very different than the GMAT. Our buddy reading comprehension is there but the other question types are completely different: sentence completion, antonyms, and analogies. I did worse on this section than I did on the real thing: 390, ouch! There were lots of words I probably knew at one time but I don't know them any more and it made it impossible to get any of those questions correct.

Taking this GRE CAT has given me a better appreciation as to why b-schools want a GMAT score and not a GRE score. The GMAT is a much more difficult test. I have a better understanding as to why the AdCom uses it as an indicator for how you will handle the rigorous MBA curriculum. This just means I have to study harder!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New and Improved Beat the GMAT Practice Questions Review

Happy November everyone!

Today launched its new practice questions!

There are two sections: math and verbal. Each section is broken up into question types. You can customize your own practice session by choosing different question types in the filters options. Let's say you just want to practice 700+ level data sufficiency integer property and percent questions; just check the boxes and begin. Or you can practice just math and have the question difficulty adapt to how you answer them, just like the real GMAT.

I think what I like the most about the new practice questions is the video explanations. The videos go over not just the question and the answer, they also go over the wrong answer choices and explain why they are wrong. Understanding what makes the other answer choices wrong is really an important part of GMAT studying. practice questions is reasonably priced at $99. BUT WAIT! It's on sale for $49 until November 15th! Discounts are my favorite! Plus you get access for a year.

I highly recommend the Beat the GMAT Practice Questions. It's really showing me that I have major work to do in math. The video explanations are helping me as a private tutor would because I need to SEE someone do it for me before I fully understand how to break a question down.

Friday, October 29, 2010

End Vacation

I have taken a huge break from the GMAT after my dismal score. My AWA score came back and I got a 3.5. I'm not surprised by this since my essays weren't stellar, but they weren't the greatest either.

It's time for a new plan. Back to the basics. My boyfriend had a gift card and bought me Number Properties and Fractions, Decimals, and Percents by Manhattan GMAT since those seem to be my weaknesses.

I need to stick to a schedule. Since all my classes are done, my availability has opened up at work and I hope to go back to closing shifts. Opening the store at 4:30a was killing me. it made it very difficult to absorb information and concentrate later in the day even if I had a nap. I found it easier to study after my TV job because I get there between 7-7:30a and that's like sleeping late compared to 4:30a.

I'm still on the fence for trying to meet Round 2 deadlines or just try again next year. I have already secured one person for my letter of recommendations.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Epic FAIL wahhhhhhh

I mean it's not really EPIC considering its right in range in all of my practice test scores. Was that 530 a fluke? I thought I could only get better.
I didn't understand a lot of the problem solving questions.

I need to take this time to figure out what to do next. I need to obviously take it again but will i be able to improve in time for Round 2 deadlines (January 15th)?

Here's the breakdown:

Quantitative 27 19%
Verbal 28 47%
Total 470 27%

I already ate half a tube of cookie dough and I'm going to break open the wine soon. I really thought I was going to break at least 500. I put too much weight on that 530 practice score.

The test experience itself was lovely. I drove 32 miles to Westlake Village. Traffic was not an issue. I got there 50 minutes early. The staff was surprised to see me so early. I was the only one taking the GMAT. I did the palm scan and got my picture taken. She gave me ear plugs and set me up on the computer. The essays were alright. I took my first break. The proctor was prompt in coming to get me. She said she had my back because the other test takers were giving me dirty looks for typing. She forgot to warn them that there was going to be someone typing during her test. Oh well for them. No one said anything to the dude that kept clearing his throat.

I was 48 seconds late coming back to quant because a different proctor tried to log me back in three times before she realized caps lock wasn't on. I didn't let that throw me off because i always have time left in math. I finished with about 15 minutes left. I took my second break. I hit the bathroom again, finished my bottle of water and my cliff bar. I palm scanned back in and did verbal.

The proctor changed out my scratch pad without me asking her to do it. That was so considerate.

I knew I was bombing the whole thing but I was really surprised to see 470.

I can't apply anywhere with that score. I know that. I need to finish my Veritas class and get a tutor.