Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Epic FAIL wahhhhhhh

I mean it's not really EPIC considering its right in range in all of my practice test scores. Was that 530 a fluke? I thought I could only get better.
I didn't understand a lot of the problem solving questions.

I need to take this time to figure out what to do next. I need to obviously take it again but will i be able to improve in time for Round 2 deadlines (January 15th)?

Here's the breakdown:

Quantitative 27 19%
Verbal 28 47%
Total 470 27%

I already ate half a tube of cookie dough and I'm going to break open the wine soon. I really thought I was going to break at least 500. I put too much weight on that 530 practice score.

The test experience itself was lovely. I drove 32 miles to Westlake Village. Traffic was not an issue. I got there 50 minutes early. The staff was surprised to see me so early. I was the only one taking the GMAT. I did the palm scan and got my picture taken. She gave me ear plugs and set me up on the computer. The essays were alright. I took my first break. The proctor was prompt in coming to get me. She said she had my back because the other test takers were giving me dirty looks for typing. She forgot to warn them that there was going to be someone typing during her test. Oh well for them. No one said anything to the dude that kept clearing his throat.

I was 48 seconds late coming back to quant because a different proctor tried to log me back in three times before she realized caps lock wasn't on. I didn't let that throw me off because i always have time left in math. I finished with about 15 minutes left. I took my second break. I hit the bathroom again, finished my bottle of water and my cliff bar. I palm scanned back in and did verbal.

The proctor changed out my scratch pad without me asking her to do it. That was so considerate.

I knew I was bombing the whole thing but I was really surprised to see 470.

I can't apply anywhere with that score. I know that. I need to finish my Veritas class and get a tutor.


  1. I feel your pain!!!! I can't stress that enough! You CAN increase your score by the January 15th deadline, it will take a lot of work though. If you were scoring in range with your practice exams, you can probably break through the 600 mark. While I won't endorse having a tutor just yet (because I haven't taken my GMAT after working with my tutor for months) I will say that after your Veritas class...start from the basics. After my exam (whenever it is) I'll be updating my blog with how I think a tutor may be useful or a waste of money.

  2. I am sure you would be able to better your score if you practice a bit more. Probably a good idea would be improve on your strengths and spend a little time on your weak areas... That would give quick wins and confidence. Dont postpone your study for the retake though...My opinion is that a course would certainly help you, especially from a 470.

  3. it is not bad, but it is real "pizdets"... may be you should relax now and try again after several month... and before next attempt to take course of gmat. You obviously will do better!!!

  4. Thanks everyone.

    I have three more weeks of the Veritas class plus access to the On-Demand portion for another 11 months.

    My thought on a tutor is that its someone neutral. I can get a little frustrated when my boyfriend tries to tutor me.

    They way I seem to learn is when someone shows me how to do a problem then I do 20 of those type of problems to get it down. That's why I thought a tutor would be good for me.

    Time to pick up the pieces and move forward.