Saturday, October 9, 2010


I just want to express my level of irritation with the GMAT right now.

Last night I took another practice CAT (MGMAT) and scored 50 points lower than my last practice CAT.


Have I reached burn out? The test is coming up soon and I hope I can perform.


  1. Nice blog! I like your writing way. I'm doing practice GMAT here: . I hope it's useful for GMAT test takers.

  2. Hey
    Sorry to read about the MGMAT score. I had done 1 MGMAT test and got a 580 just before I took my real GMAT and got a 660.
    I'm retaking my GMAT. So this is just an indicator of how strange MGMAT can be. People swear by the scores it gives out, others just say its great practice and not to take the scores seriously.

    I am pretty confused about it too. Try GMAT Prep I think its more accurate.

  3. I did GMAT Prep 1 a few months ago after doing a MGMAT CAT and I scored 50 points higher.
    GMAT Prep seemed way easier than MGMAT. I know on the forums people swear by GMAT Prep as a true indicator, but recently there have been many posts saying that the real GMAT was way harder than GMAT Prep. I didn't want to inflate my ego at all.
    Real test is today!