Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is that...rain?

It's been so hard to write a blog entry lately between work, studying, and class. Somebody call me a whambulance!

IT RAINED YESTERDAY. I stepped out of my building and I thought I was in Boston or New York. It usually only rains in Los Angeles a few times a year in the "winter" months of January and February.

I've been amping up the studying. Veritas assigns so much homework! I'm not complaining. It's just a lot of problems and then you have to review every problem you did whether it was right or wrong. It just adds up to a lot of time. I hope it adds up to a big score as well. ;-)

I haven't started any essays yet. I have been jotting down ideas here and there.

GMAT Day is approaching fast and I don't want to burn out. I have been using Grockit and Beat the GMAT practice questions for in-between "fun" studying. Is studying ever fun? Ha Ha

Six - seven years ago when I was preparing for the GMAT I would study math maybe twice and then take it and get an abysmal score. But the AdCom was looking at my essays, transcripts, and reel of my work. GRE was a formality. GMAT is a whole different beast. AdComs look at it as an indicator of how you will perform in b-school. Under 65% in quant? Your ass may FAIL out so that's a big strike against you.

My next steps in the application process rely heavily on how I do on the GMAT.
GMAT GMAT GMAT GMAT GMAT Let's get some pump up music, GMAT!!!!!

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