Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just for Kicks - GRE

I just took a practice GRE CAT from Manhattan GRE (yes Manhattan GMAT now does GRE prep!). It has been six years since I last took the exam and after all this GMAT frustration I just wanted to see how the tests compare to each other.

The GRE math section is way easier!!! Obviously it does not have data sufficiency, instead it has a data comparison section where you are given a question and then two separate values in two columns. You must determine if Column A or B is greater, equal, or you cannot determine with the amount of information given. I did best in this section; I got a 550! I think that score may be higher than when I took the real thing. There is also a section where you have to interpret graph information. I didn't remember that section so it was a surprise when it popped up.

The verbal section is very different than the GMAT. Our buddy reading comprehension is there but the other question types are completely different: sentence completion, antonyms, and analogies. I did worse on this section than I did on the real thing: 390, ouch! There were lots of words I probably knew at one time but I don't know them any more and it made it impossible to get any of those questions correct.

Taking this GRE CAT has given me a better appreciation as to why b-schools want a GMAT score and not a GRE score. The GMAT is a much more difficult test. I have a better understanding as to why the AdCom uses it as an indicator for how you will handle the rigorous MBA curriculum. This just means I have to study harder!


  1. in my opinion now you should not prepare to GMAT or GRE but take a fundamental math cource. After that you'll understand that math in gmat not so hard, and obviously gain at least q40

  2. Hi Nick. Thanks for reading. In the spring and summer of this year I took a math refresher class and an elementary algebra class. I did quite well in both. The problem for me isn't so much in the fundamentals as is the acutal wording of the problems.
    The math classes I took focused on memorization and repetition of formulas.
    GMAT math to me is more like a puzzle where they try to hide to problems I know how to do in words.

  3. Thanks for your share! I think this information is helpful for everyone. I'm doing practice GMAT here: . I hope it's useful for GMAT test takers.

  4. in this situation practicing and reading explanations is only one way))

  5. Hey Lisa, i agree; the Quants section of the GRE is way easier than that of the GMAT. That's why bschools have not yet embraced the GRE. Sure, they accept GRE scores, but don't treat a high GRE Quant score as sufficient proof of your quantitave ability. You are on the right track. I'd love to take this discussion to a different track. If you are interested, drop me an email at the following address: gmat.sensei @ gmail

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