Wednesday, September 1, 2010

::cough cough::

Hi everyone!

I've been so busy I haven't posted anything with much substance in a while.
First off I was sick for a while. I had another sinus infection which made it hard to do anything. I missed work, I slept, and then I went to the doctor! Exciting stuff I know!

Also school started again. I am taking a geometry class at SMC. So many people tried to add the class on the first day. There were 45 people registered in the class and another 33 people tried to add! The teacher said he wanted no more than 50 people in the class. Then he said he wasn't sure if he really wanted to add anyone at all. It depended on how he felt later. Sounds like if you aren't already in the class, you're out of luck.
Right now we are working on logic which kind of reminds me of CR GMAT questions.

During my lunch break at work I have been going through PowerScore's Critical Reasoning Bible and then after work I go through a MGMAT SC Chapter and do the associated problems in the OG Verbal Book.

I haven't touched my prep course materials in a week partly due to being sick, but mostly because there are no explanations for the question sets. If I get something wrong and I can't figure out why, I will never know because there are no explanations for the answers. I am going to save those questions for when I have a better grasp on the material.

Tomorrow I am going down to Orange County to attend an information session at the Paul Merage school at UC Irvine. My cousin lives near there so I am hoping to meet up with her while I am in the area. I'm planning on heading down there early to avoid traffic and to study in one of their libraries.

I also need to schedule another practice test to see if I have improved at all.


  1. Lisa, love your posts. You might also want to consider hooking up with one of the Student Ambassadors while you are at Irvine.

  2. Thanks for reading Tray, and thank you for the link!