Monday, March 29, 2010

Manhattan GMAT Free Course

Happy Passover to those that celebrate it.
I spent the evening at a free Manhattan GMAT course.
They let you take the first one free and if you want to stay in the course you have to pay the tuition.
I am very poor and cannot afford a GMAT prep course so this is the first of my free GMAT rampage.

The first half of the class explained the GMAT format. It's similar to the GRE in that it starts with the essays, then the math, then the verbal. I took the GRE six years ago to go to grad school for television. If I had knew what I know now, I would have waited and saved the money on loans for my MBA. Oh well.

The second half of the course explained how the course would work over the next coming weeks and went into strategy for data sufficiency and sentence correction.
I need to relearn a lot of math concepts because I didn't know how to break the questions down.

Overall I was really impressed with the class and wish I had the $1500 to drop on it.

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