Saturday, June 5, 2010

let's catch up

I've been gone from my blog for a while. I hit burn out last week. The combination of two jobs and homework and studying my brain was fried. I was not absorbing anything. I took a break. I watched some Kaplan videos on Beat the GMAT so I wasn't on a complete and total break.

Saturday I had a day off. I thought I was going to work at my TV job so I took off from the coffee house. Turns out the person I was going to cover for did not take that day off. I drove down to orange country and met up with my cousin. We went to Laguna beach. It was so much prettier than Santa Monica, Venice, or Marina del Rey beaches. It was almost like the ocean was bluer.
I brought my sentence correction book with me, but since it was a holiday weekend there were so many people around. It was hard to concentrate. Usually if I go to the beach to study its on a Tuesday and there's maybe four other people on the sand.


I got a stupid cold because one of my coworkers came to work with a cold and didn't try to get his shift covered. Then I had to do the same thing because I am a shift and we are short one and our manager is on vacation, there was no one to cover me. If I call in sick I get fired. I can't afford to do that. I washed my hands a lot in front of customers to show I was not trying to spread any germs in case they suspected I was sick.

Being sick made it impossible to concentrate on any studying. My head was just filled with snot; so gross. I finished my homework for my math class last night and ad the final exam today. I feel I did really well considering I didn't study at all. I forgot how to figure out a rate of percent increase and I was asked to graph the plane of y=-3/4x. I spent 30 minutes on that last question. I think I made up a solution. We shall see how I did over all.

Before I got sick, on Monday, I took a practice test AND I WENT DOWN. I scored a 450. So I bit the bullet and rescheduled my test. The original date was 6/18, I will now be taking the exam 7/20. It gives me enough time to take it again before application due dates.

Also I am contemplating at this rate I am going now, if I still can't get into the 600s by August, I will have to apply for the Fall 2012 school year. I want to go to UCLA or USC and if I'm not even in the mid 600s it's not worth wasting my time and money to put in an application that will result in a ding.

Math class is over and I am signed up to take Beginning College Algebra in 3 weeks. I think I am going to withdraw from that class and sign up for UCLA Extension's GMAT Prep Course . It's way cheaper than any of the top prep companies, almost half the price.

Now I am off to work. Saturdays are our busiest bean days. Time to grind!


  1. just one question..How do you manage to have two jobs along with your preparation? :-O Gosh,with one job in hand,I can study almost only for 2-3 hours a day :(

  2. Well, I am not managing it very well. I think another reason why I got sick this past week is the stress from juggling everything weakening my immune system.

    It's hard. I'm not doing a good job! lol
    I manage about 1-2 hours of study a day. Since I do not have weekends if I do a practice test one day, I do not do anymore studying because my brain is too fried.

    When I was in grad school for my MS I had 12-14 hour days with classes, school work, TAing, and working at the law school. I guess I'm just used to constantly doing something. ha ha.

  3. :O If I was you. I could have dropped one Job for my GMAT prep :D . The way you are handling the things. It's really commendable.

  4. If my financial situation allowed me to work one job, I would. I WISH. haha

    Thank you for the kind comment!