Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kind of Progress.

This time i finished the test even faster. :-X
I had almost 30 minutes left in quant and 20 min in verbal.
I had a similar score
28 Quant 24%
26 Verbal 44%
Total Score 460 26%

I went down in Verbal but I went up in Quant.

I honestly didn't get to study as hard as I had hoped last week. It's so hard working two jobs, going to a math class and fitting studying on top of it. My brain is mush. I have less than a month til G-Day. I don;t have class next Saturday and the week after that is the final exam. My GMAT is two weeks after that.

I need to focus more and make myself dedicate two hours a day to studying. I wish I could afford to have only one job. I could do CATs on the weekend.
I can't wish. I have to work with the time I have available.
Right now dinner is cooking. After I eat I will go through the Critical Reasoning Bible.

I was reading the Critical Reasoning bible during my lunch break at my TV job and one of the people from corporate said to me, "oh are you studying to be a minister?" I told her I was going to take the GMAT and hopefully go to business school. She told me how she went to a catholic school but she didn't have to take any bible classes. I tried explaining that critical reasoning was also on the LSAT, but it was useless. Maybe I am smart? lol

Time for chicken! Yum!