Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fifty Dollars??

I looked into rescheduling my GMAT test date and there is $50 rescheduling fee. Eff that! They already have $250 of my money, they don;t need fifty more. This just means I need to amp up the studying. My original plan was to take the test twice anyway since I usually go up in score the second time (I did this on both the SAT and GRE).

Today in my math refresher class we went over rates, proportions, and linear equations.
It's amazing how I am reactivating all these brains cells that have formulas hidden in them. Remember ax + by =c ? As soon as this formula was written on the board I had a flashback to 10th grade math and Mrs. Mahoney writing the same formula on the board. I really recommend this class to anyone that needs a foundation in the basics. It's taught on Saturday mornings at UCLA Extension and it's not super expensive at $275. Or you could just use the textbook.
I'm going to be able to do more Problem Solving questions now that I relearned the formula for rate and how to figure it out from a word problem.

Since I have been so math heavy I need to focus on verbal more. Today I am bringing my Powerscore Critical Reasoning Bible to work to do on my lunch break and I will take more of it when I get home this evening.

I will take another practice test on Thursday to see if learning the new concepts improves my score.

I'm coming for you GMAT!


  1. haha Thank you!
    I sometimes worry about coming off as too ridiculous and immature for someone wanting to go to business school.