Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Free Means Free

I don't have a lot of money, I work two jobs are I barely pay all of my bills. It's a combination between the economy and the industries I work in.
I have been taking advantage of as many FREE GMAT seminars and prep courses as I can.

If you go to the prep companies' website they have a search for free events.

I went to the Princeton Review's Math Boot Camp a few weeks ago. It went over decimals, fractions, FOIL method, all the basics. Unfortunately the website posted the time as 10:00a-11:30a, but the class went over that and I had to leave early because I had to work at noon.
There was a girl who sat behind me who was really irritating. Every time someone asked a question or asked the instructor to go over a concept she would mumble under her breath "are you serious?" She even said in front of the class "The questions on the GMAT aren't like this they are much harder."
She was late to the boot camp and missed the part where we were going over foundations, not strategy. She wound up leaving when I did because she was so frustrated. She said to me "I learned fractions in like 6th grade it was so pointless."

I thought the math boot camp was great because if you don't remember the basic math you can't do the questions on the GMAT.
I'm glad I'm taking my math refresher course. It's amazing how many things you forget over the years. For example, 1 is not a prime number. 2 is the lowest prime number and the only even prime number. I'm sure I learned this at one point, but it's been at least 8 years since I took a math class so I forgot it.

I've also done a few free online seminars through Kaplan and Veritas Prep.

I went to a free trial class for Veritas Prep last night. So far I liked theirs the best. The whole class focused on Arguments which better helped me understand the Critical Reasoning section a little better.

Clear Admit, an admissions consultant company is giving a free 20 minute initial consultation for your candidacy for business school. This was SO HELPFUL!
She told how to reword my resume focusing on accomplishments rather than tasks and focus on the GMAT. I have an nontraditional background (television and retail) so I need to get a really good GMAT score; 80th percentile at least in quantitative. She also recommended taking quantitative courses at UCLA Extension to build an alternative transcript. I need an A in those classes to prove I am serious and can handle business school coursework. she also recommended Harvard Extension online but the classes are waaaay more expensive than UCLA extension and like I said before I'm poor!
I told I was interested in applying to Pepperdine, UC Irvine, UCLA and USC. I asked her if the only school I get into is Pepperdine, is it worth going there or should I just trying again and apply to UCLA and USC next year? She said Pepperdine would give me the education, but I would not have the career opportunities that I would get if I went to UCLA.
So now I have to decide if Pepperdine is even worth applying to. All this information was FREE FREE FREE! I highly recommend sending Clear Admit your resume to get a admissions committee perspective.

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