Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Two months ago I opened up the Official Guide Math book and I couldn't do any of the problems because I couldn't remember how to do them.
Last night I went through the first two pages and I got most of them right!

My boyfriend has had the book for the last two months and he has been doing all the problems so he can help me with them. He's so nerdy. He actually said he wish he could take the GMAT because tests are fun. I majored in Television. I did presentations and videos. How are we together? lol

Tomorrow will be my second practice test. I have to get up super early to take it because I work at noon. Last week I had a princess shift and didn't have to work until 3p. I will be taking another Manhattan GMAT practice test to see how I have improved. Next week I will take an official GMAT Prep test to see where I stand.