Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh the hilarity

I took my first Practice CAT. I used Manhattan GMAT because they give you a free one. Other sites have free ones too I just picked this one today.
I scored a hilarious 460 27 Quantitative (20%) and 27 Verbal (46%).

What was great about Manhattan GMAT's practice CAT is they give you a detailed excel sheet with the level question, if you got it right or wrong, what it tested you on and how long you took on each question. Most of the questions I spent less than a minute on I got wron. The ones I spent 1:30 or more on I got right.

I finished the Quant section with over 7 minutes to spare and the Verbal section with 23 minutes to spare. I guess I need to slow down! I recall doing he same thing when I took the GRE six years ago and got abysmal scores. Yet I still got into grad school, ha ha.

I think I should buy the Manhattan GMAT Word Translations book because I had a lot of problems just interpreting what the problem solving question was asking.

There were a couple questions I had no idea how to do, like finding a standard deviation, and finding the area of a circle. I'm sure I learned how to find the area of a circle at point, but I have NEVER done a standard deviation. I wonder if I should take another math class this summer? What would standard deviation fall under?

I have been focusing primarily on relearning math basics. I have done a few questions from the OG Quant Book and whatever questions in the trial class.

I didn't familiarize myself with too much of the verbal so I was surprised when I saw bold faced and complete the conclusion Critical Reasoning questions.

This experience is a good diagnostic test and i know what I need to work on. I may reschedule my test date. We shall see.


  1. I remember being in your position not too long ago! I'll be following your journey!

  2. 27 Verbal is very good base. you could improve your score very quickly

  3. Keep your eye on the prize, Lisa! Look forward to following your journey too.

    Eric Bahn
    Founder of Beat The GMAT