Sunday, July 4, 2010

.15x + .20(4) = .17(x+4)

I don't know if I just didn't pay attention enough in high school or these concepts were just never taught to me, but I am learning a lot. I CAN SET UP AND SOLVE A MIXTURE PROBLEM! Little victories like this keep me going.

I opened up my OG Quant book and I can now identify how to set up and solve many of the problem. Back in February or March when I first purchased this book I couldn't do ANY of the problems. I'm sure some people would argue that I could just buy a book and teach myself the basics but I know I learn better when shown a concept first in the classroom then I try on my own to do it multiple times. Plus while taking these math classes I can work my way up to business calculus so I won't be so lost when I get to b-school.

My money from my canceled UCLA Extension class was refunded so I put it toward the UCLA Extension GMAT Prep Class.
I will have the basic skill set to be able to understand what goes on in the prep class and not get lost so easily.
I'm excited!!!

Also I am planning on retaking intermediate algebra which I originally took at a community college in New York. they have the course available online and I can take the final exam when I go home for Christmas.

I plan on taking another practice test tomorrow after work. Since its a holiday I don't have school, which is a great break. Working and going to class four days a week, with three of those days opening the store at 4:30am is EXHAUSTING.
I really feel like things are falling into place. Wheeeeee!

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