Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting there, but not quite

I took GMAT Prep 1 CAT:
Total: 510

I mean its a big jump from 460 but the only tests I took before that were Manhattan GMAT CATs.
I'm reading all over the beat the GMAT forum that GMAT Prep is a good indicator on how you will do on the real thing. It's great that I squeaked into the 500s, but I don't have enough time before the actual test to bring it up much higher.

I've already taken the day off work to take the test and I've invested a lot of time and money into it, I may as well still go. It's possible that I can improve another 10-20 points as I learn more and more math concepts, but it it safe to say I should score in the low 500s.

My prep class starts in a month and lasts through the end of September. I should probably take the GMAT again in November and just plan on applying for Fall 2012. It's still a little too early to decide. I'll make that decision after I take the real test.

I try not to focus on the negatives. I work 7 days a week and that is what it is. I have to accept it will take me longer to get a good score because of my work schedule. I will do better!



  1. Hey Lisa!! Is there a way I can contact you via email?