Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boo grammar

Hello everyone!

It has been hectic as usual in my world. I'm three weeks into my GMAT Prep class, and well, I'm disappointed. I mean, you get what you pay for.
There are no fancy textbooks. The materials we are using are very old paper GMAT tests. Some of the questions are ones I haven't seen in the OG such as roman numeral questions. Actually I just googled roman numeral questions and the first article that popped up is Manhattan GMAT stating roman numeral questions have been removed.
What frustrates me the most is that the materials given do not have answer explanations. I am assigned a ton of verbal questions and I am getting them wrong without knowing why.

I have been focusing on Manhattan GMAT's Sentence Correction book. MY success rate for SC is very low. I usually get 11/26 right. I am enrolled in an online intensive grammar course at Los Angeles Southwest College that begins Monday. I hope that the class really helps my with SC weakness.

Right now I am watching the free Grockit GMAT class. It's free to watch live, if you want to download it, the cost is $99.99.

I'll update more later!


  1. Which GMAT prep class are you taking?! It sounds hopelessly outdated.

  2. The MGMAT SC book is the single best resource to build a strong foundation for SC. Your error rate will drop only with continued practice that's when you will begin to identify the predictable pattern of any SC question. Keep going

  3. I'm taking UCLA Extension's GMAT Prep class. Yes it's very disappointing. I knew it would be bad on the first day when the instructor said there were two *ten* minute breaks during the exam and he wasn't sure if test centers were back to dry erase markers to use on the scrap paper.

    When I signed up for this class the major test prep companies didn't have payment plans at the time.

    Now they do and I am considering signing up for an online GMAT prep class.

  4. @sh00nya I am seeing results already with MGMAT SC book! It makes me almost enthusiastic to study. Almost. ;-)