Sunday, August 8, 2010

This week

This week is my last week of the summer algebra class! I take my final on Thursday.

This week I also start my GMAT Prep class at UCLA Extension. The professor posted our "textbook" materials on blackboard. It's hundreds of pages to print out. We also need the Official Guide 12th edition, which is the first book I bought back in March.

This week is Kaplan's Road to Business School Event! I hope to speak with Boston University, USC, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC San Diego, and Pepperdine. Is anyone else is going in Los Angeles? If you recognize me come say hi!

This week I hope to figure out if I have enough time with the GMAT prep class to take geometry. It's a prerequisite to precalculus. I plan on sticking with one math course a semester to get up to basic calculus. I want to be able to handle quant heavy classes whether I make into business school for Fall 2011 or Fall 2012.

Right now the GMAT is the most important thing on my plate so if the class is really heavy duty I will just wait until spring.

Also I decided to stop saying which schools I want to apply to because the list keeps changing in my head. So When I start writing applications I will discuss it in more detail.

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  1. Good luck on your final!

    I'm not sure what other MBA programs are like but as of now, I haven't been required to use calculus at all in any of my classes. This might change when I take future Finance classes in my second year but I haven't heard anything about needing to know it.

    I think having a solid grasp of statistics and algebra was extremely important in my first year. The amount of statistical data you go through your first year is pretty ridiculous.